A Guide to Make-up Brushes!

Which Brush does What Job?

Ever looked at the range of different make-up brushes and felt bewildered as to which one to use for which job? Well fear no more as we provide you with a quick overview as well as tips on how to achieve a great make-up look!

The Multipurpose Brush (the one that looks like a fan) – this is the perfect all rounder tool! The flexible fan shape is brilliant for the layering of foundation, blusher, highlighter and powder without obvious caking.

The Blusher Brush – this angled blush brush is best for targeting where you apply the colour. You can use the slanted edge to both contour and sculpt cheekbones.

The Smudger Brush – this is a flat brush with a rounded tip and is perfect for smudging eyeliner or shadow into the lash line. By choosing a synthetic bush you can use it with both gel and powder formulas.

The Eyeshadow Brush – This angled brush makes getting into those hard to reach areas really easy and it’s tapered bristles add depth and dimension with no visible lines. This is the perfect brush for blending shadow into the eyelid fold for a smoky eye effect.

The Lip Brush – If you’re applying a bright coloured lipstick, a lip brush is definitely your best friend.

The Eyeliner Brush – This ultra fine brush enables ultra precise application using wet or dry eyeshadow, perfect for lining the eyes before using your smudger brush to soften up.

The Concealer Brush - The one with the rounded off tip is the perfect brush to give you that flawless finish. Use with mineral concealer to blend and conceal any imperfections.

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