Important Statement from Ruffle No Feathers Ltd

Ruffle No Feathers Ltd As of the 31st July 2014, Ruffle No Feathers Limited has ceased trading. The reason this business was set up, was to help BUAV approved, Cruelty Free Brands become more recognisable and to raise awareness of animal testing on day to day products. More and more high street stores are stocking […]

A Guide to Make-up Brushes!

Which Brush does What Job? Ever looked at the range of different make-up brushes and felt bewildered as to which one to use for which job? Well fear no more as we provide you with a quick overview as well as tips on how to achieve a great make-up look! The Multipurpose Brush (the one that looks like a fan) […]

Get Great Summer Skin!

Summer Skincare Well, summer is finally here and we’re all taking advantage of the lighter nights and spending more time outdoors! The change in weather however, can have an effect on your complexion and so your skincare routine needs to reflect this to keep you looking your best all year round. We’ve put together our top tips for your Best Summer Skin Ever! […]

Bark in the Park Family Fun Day

Derby Bark in the Park Derby’s Bark in the Park family fun day is taking place again this year on Sunday 13th July. Like last year, this great day out will take place at Markeaton Park in Derby, stalls will be open from 9.30-4.30 and dog class registration will be from 9.30am with classes starting at 11.45am. This […]

Shopping Loyalty Program at Ruffle No Feathers!

Shopping Loyalty Program You’ve heard the saying “Hard work really does pay off.” Well, so does loyalty with the Ruffle No Feathers new Loyalty Scheme! Whether you’re a regular shopper or a new customer to Ruffle No Feathers, you can now earn points when you shop online to redeem against future purchases. Simply sign up for an Account with us and for […]

Meet the Brands at Ruffle No Feathers

Meet the Brands at Ruffle No Feathers Ever wondered about the ideas behind the brands we stock here at Ruffle No Feathers? Well, wonder no more… Astonish – Established over 40 years ago, Astonish is a family run business producing high quality cleaning products. Sold in over 60 countries around the world, Astonish’s focus is […]

Celebrities love a bright Lipstick!

We might not have the budget of Cheryl Cole & Victoria Beckham when it comes to designer outfits, but that doesn’t mean we can’t steal their style as far a make-up is concerned.. Stars such as Cheryl Cole, Rihanna and Nicole Richie have all been seen sporting super bright pink lipstick and we’ve been getting in […]

Spring Clean with Astonishing Results!

Now that winter has been and gone, it’s probably time to give our homes a spring clean, clear away the cobwebs and look forward to the long sunny days ahead. When it comes to cleaning, the Astonish cleaning range will help you deliver amazing results. Whether it’s a sparkling kitchen you’re looking for, a brilliantly clean bathroom or freshening up those carpets, Astonish has all the cleaning power […]

BM Beauty Curling Mascara Review

 BM Beauty Curling Mascara Review If you’re looking for a new mascara that gives great results and at the same time looks after your lashes then BM Beauty’s Curling Mascara could be your new BFF! I’ve been using BM Beauty’s Lash Curling mascara for a while now and I have been amazed with the results. Firstly, the consistency isn’t too wet that […]

This Cruelty Free Shop is now closed. Thank you for your business over the years!