About Us

003-Ruffell No FeathersMy idea came about when I’d become frustrated of having to shop in various different outlets to meet my personal requirements in shopping for cruelty free products. Just think about it, who really buys from just one brand? Take a moment to look inside your make-up bag and around your bathroom, you’ll quickly see that they are populated with products from many different brands. From my own experience as well as talking to friends and family, today many of us require the convenience of shopping ‘under one roof’ and to have our shopping delivered to your door in just one package.

My personal passions are animal welfare, fashion and products that really work! These are the key factors I aim to bring to you through Ruffle No Feathers.

Firstly, “not tested on animals” written on product packaging just doesn’t cut it here at Ruffle No Feathers. Only the stamp of approval of the BUAV is good enough for us to ensure that a product is truly cruelty free.

Secondly, just because many of the products aren’t always advertising the latest miracle ingredient (most likely to have been tested on animals somewhere along the line) doesn’t mean that we should have to sacrifice quality. We only believe in offering products that are proven to work and we test everything ourselves to ensure that the quality is high in order to bring you only the very ‘cruelty free’ best!

Lastly, I love fashion and style! Ruffle No Feathers prides itself on offering you a stylish and quality service. Who doesn’t love receiving a beautifully packaged parcel to make them feel extra special? Your order will arrive in our luxury signature packaging but don’t worry, all our bags are made from paper that is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Certified: made from sustainable managed forests. The tissue paper is 100% acid free recycled tissue paper. If fancy packaging isn’t your thing however, just select the basic packaging choice at checkout and we will send you your items in our 100% recycled packaging only.

The range of BUAV approved products is continually growing so in turn we aim to bring you all the latest additions as soon as we are physically able. It’s also worth noting that should a company lose it’s Leaping Bunny accreditation Ruffle No Feathers will no longer stock that particular range either.

I’d love to hear your feedback on the products, the website or just your general thoughts so please don’t hesitate to get in touch via email or why not tweet us @rufflenofeather

But for now, enjoy and thank you for choosing cruelty free,

Rebecca x

This Cruelty Free Shop is now closed. Thank you for your business over the years!